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Connecting Instructor to Learner


Connecting Instructor to Learner

HelpDrive is a pioneering product in the Australian market that helps learners find instructors for their driving lessons.


Book a Class

HelpDrive looks at your convenience when you choose a class. You can book a class by following these easy step:

  • Sign-in to your account
  • Go to book a class link
  • Select your preferred slot
  • Select your preferred instructor
  • Pay and confirm booking
Driving Log

HelpDrive has the ability to keep you updated and notified on your lesson schedules. You can see the hours you have driven and yet have left to drive to go and get your license!

Select a Payment Method

HelpDrive gives you various options of how you can pay for your lessons.

Rate your Instructor

When you are perfecting your art of driving, it is necessary to have the right instructor with you. HelpDrive gives you the opportunity to rate your instructor as well as give a feedback, to help the other learners like yourself benefit from your experience. When booking a class, you can see the rating of an instructor along with feedbacks to help make your decision.



HelpDrive gives you the opportunity to input your availability as an instructor to take classes. This feature is very important and helpful for the learners to select their instructors.

Confirm Booking

Once a learner has selected you as their instructor, it is up-to you if you would like to confirm that booking or not.

Instructor’s Log

HelpDrive helps you keep a track of how many hours you have invested as an Instructor and what your future schedule and confirmed books are.

Receive Payment

HelpDrive automatically redirects the payment received from the learners directly into your choice of account.